the internet's complete source for sublime bootlegs

april 5, 2006 -- sublemon ceases to offer public downloads of sublime mps3s and videos. sublemon's original purpose has been fulfilled; the sublime media once archived here has spread far and wide to tens of thousands of fans.

original press release archived for historical purposes only

press release
february 11, 2002

the sublemon archive

background the sublemon archive is a website developed with a single goal in mind: to become the premier online source for sublime-related digital media. the idea for the sublemon archive was born in january 2002. immediately afterwards, the idea blossomed into reality.

purpose sublemon's purpose is soley to provide the online community with hard-to-find sublime bootlegs and other files. in spring 2002, it's still very difficult to find many rare live recordings of the band freely available and connected with sufficient bandwidth. many of the songs that will call sublemon home are even missing from large file-sharing networks such as morpheus. sublemon promises to deliver, at the completion of its development, the most rare sublime files to be found at any single site on internet. to go even beyond that ambitious goal, a fast connection and universal availability are also assured.

availability sublemon will offer the files at no cost too all who seek them. a "premiere" level of service will also be made available for nominal annual fee. paying and non-paying members will see no difference in what files are available to them. however, those who do send us money can be assured of a clear conscience, and, in the event that we may have to impose bandwidth limits, will be the last to be affected. essentially, sublemon premiere accounts will be given a priority status. importantly, the sublemon archive is not intended to make a profit. the fees payed by premiere members will not be sufficient to keep the site up and, because of the nature of the content we will provide, banner ads are not a viable option.

timeframe a functional web site serving a limited number of bootlegs and other files will be online by april, 2002. many more files will rapidly join the archive, and will continue to be added even once sublemon has been completed by fall 2002.